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What Should a Website of Your Sports Venue Contain And 3 Examples of Good Webs

Nowadays, it is almost essential to have a high-quality, interesting and above all up-to-date website. Sometimes a customer may judge the quality of a sports venue only on the basis of the design of its web. And probably no businessman or woman wants to lose prospective customers only because of having a bad website.

From my own experience I know this statement is true. When I was not able to find important information about prices on some webs, I just searched for other that included all necessary details. Therefore I chose a particular place for doing sports because of a well-made website while the other one could actually be better in reality. However, this is how it works these days - quickly get information, decide and go on.

People do not have much time so they want accurate information as easily and quickly as possible.

8 tips on how to make a good website

  1. Design is important – design sells and it very much affects the impression of both your website and sports venue. Still, the graphics should be far from "wild". It should just neatly emphasize focus of your web. Take your target group into consideration too - if your customers are mostly women, you can reflect it in colors.

  2. Home page should provide lucid information. It should be immediately clear that it is a website of a sports venue. Avoid garishness and limit the quantity of text.

  3. The website should contain neatly-arranged text, correct headings, indented paragraphs and highlighted important information.

  4. If there is a menu on the website, it should always keep its position on pages and it should be clear that it really serves as a menu.

  5. Text must be readable. It means that you should pay attention to the combination of text color and background color and to the font size and style.

  6. Many users have got used to returning to the home page of the website by clicking on the logo.

  7. Use headings correctly (headings level 1 to 3 or H1, H2, H3) – use styles, do not create headings by increasing the font size. Headings are points of reference and they should be differentiated from other text. It is good for visitors and search engines.

  8. Highlight links in text by underlining or using different color.

In this matter, it depends what you can do with your website. If you chose the right way for creating your website, you should not be limited by it at all.

What should a website of a sports venue include

  • Name or logo (or both)

  • Address, contact information (it is recommended to attach a map, e.g., Google Maps)

  • Offered services, sports, etc.

  • Price overview, information about discounts, etc.

  • Opening hours

  • Photos

  • News, upcoming events, etc.

  • Information on how to get to you (parking, public transport, etc.)

  • Tip: Profiles of trainers

  • Tip: Reviews and opinions of your customers

  • Tip: Links to your profiles on social networks

If you want your web to be successful commercially, try sell your services on-line. Thanks to widgets you can transform your website into an efficient on-line shop (and much more).

Web pages of sports venues that caught our attention

Find inspiration in interesting websites of sports venues that we chose for you.

Skiareál Nad nádražím

Zaujalo nás: interaktivní plánek sjezdovek, který mužete zmenit za letní pohled, prehledný a jednoduchý design

Skiareál Nad nádražím webové stránky


Zaujalo nás: velké úvodní fotky, které lákají na to, abyste si TEPfaktor chteli sami zkusit, virtuální prohlídka, videa

TEPfaktor webové stránky


Fitness Galerie

Zaujalo nás: moderní a funkcní design, prehledné rezervace, sladení barev

Fitness Galerie Slovany webové stránky


Recommendation to finish

It is essential for your website to attract customers, be well-arranged and mainly to provide all necessary information. Your web must help you get new clients. If they are not able to orient or find what they need, they will look around at your competitors. So do not underestimate the meaning of design of your website, its editing and content.

Can you recommend other nice websites to us? Tell us about them in comments or by e-mail.

Do you need help with creating your website? Contact us. At SportCentral, we create them for particular customers and we would gladly give advice.

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