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We Are Launching Ticket and Discount Sales for Sports Venues

We started SportCentral off a year ago aiming to create the most extended database of sports venues in the Czech Republic. We achieved this goal after several months of work and we also added useful features for both sports teams and players. Now, with 6,200 registered sports venues and a quarter of one million visitors over the last half-year, we are making the next step.

I presented in San Francisco and in Boston our further intentions in helping sports venues with their business a week ago in San Francisco and in Boston and starting tomorrow SportCentral is going to offer ticket sale and discount promotion for sports venues. These two products are going to be presented to sports venues in the whole of the Czech Republic and hopefully you could buy for example one hour of aerobics on-line soon and maybe even at a reduced price.

How it works

You come to the SportCentral website and search for your favorite sports venue. Its Details section shows what discounts or tickets (alternatively permanent passes, gift vouchers…) this sports venue offers (example). If you are interested in any of the products, you can simply add it to your shopping cart and select any of the popular payment options – pay by debit card, by bank transfer or by other methods. Everything is taken care of by the secure payment gateway GoPay. The whole process is similar to a purchase in an e-shop.

You receive a PDF file to download on your SportCentral account against payment, where you can find the details of purchased product. You print it out and bring it with you to the sports venue.

Slevové akce a vstupné sportovních zařízení SportCentral

What kinds of discounts we offer

We do not want to be another ordinary discount server. Special offers which are available on these servers are going to take only very small part of our offering. We distinguish two groups of discounts.

  • Short-term discounts paid immediately (example)

  • Long-term discounts paid on-site (example)

Short-term discounts work the same way as on regular discount servers. High discount rates, limited quantity and immediate on-line purchase. We like them too and that is why we are going to offer them. But it is not all.

Long-term discounts already are sometimes available in particular sports venues. Do you do squash regularly and you get every tenth visit for free? This is what we call For regular customers discount. Do you go to a fitness center for the first time and you can try its services for free? You can find this offer on SportCentral too, labeled Free first visit.

All kinds of long-term discounts:

  • For regular customers

  • Free first visit

  • Open doors

  • For registered

  • Bring a friend

  • For a group

  • For the best

Every sports venue sets and manages its own discounts and discount types. Conditions and 'rewards' of discounts are also set by sports venues. It can be not only a reduced price, but also a snack or trainer services. And possibly we add new kinds of discounts in the future depending on requirements of sports venues.

You can get a long-term discount easily by clicking the Get discount button on SportCentral. Free of charge, a confirmation of getting the discount appears on your SportCentral account. It will be also visible to the particular sports venue and it will offer you the discount on your visit.

What a sports venue gains

Sports venues gain a new way how to appeal to prospective new customers. Many of them do not offer their services via Internet in spite of the fact that more and more purchases are made on-line. However, costs of creating an e-shop are too high for many sports venues. That is why SportCentral offers a universal solution that is more efficient and advantageous also because of tens of thousands of people interested in sports visiting the website.

If you are a recreational athlete, you have your favorite sports venue and you would like to buy tickets or get discounts on-line, send an e-mail at and we will try arranging it.

If you are a sports venue and you are interested in using Internet actively for your business, we will gladly assist you at, call you up or visit you in person. You can create your first tickets or discount on your own in the administration section of your sports venue account on

Do you have any ideas for improvement? Please send us an e-mail at

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