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Poll Sport of the Year 2012 Has Started!


We have started the poll Sport of the Year 2012 for the general public and we hope we will get enough responses to generalize the results. To achieve this goal, we need a help from you all. This is why we offer to you prizes donated by our partners. The poll is being held on If you contribute to this sociological survey by answering few questions, you can win for example:

  • 18x high-quality sports flashlights - LiteXpress

  • 10x subscription to the first Czech magazine about climbing - Montana

  • 20x vouchers to purchase cycling clothing - Silvini

  • 5x vouchers to purchase sports equipment -

  • 5x sporting days for 2 persons - Club hotel Praha

  • 2x healthy food program free of charge for one week and 2x discount vouchers - Fitness Food Menu

  • And as a bonus a discount of 80 % for all competitors of the biggest amateur league in the Czech Republic - Vaše Liga

What is more, take part in the poll Sport of the Year and get free visit vouchers or discount vouchers to sports venues from the most of the Czech Republic. All the prizes together are worth more than 400,000 CZK and they are waiting for more than 800 winners (if we exclude joining the VŠ League). In addition, we are still holding talks with other partners and sports venues about their participation in the poll so the list of prizes may be even longer.

How the poll works:

  • Every day, you can answer poll questions sorted into several categories

  • You can also do additional tasks to increase your chance of winning

  • Every 2 weeks, we reward some of the best and we choose more winners by drawing lots - you get sports vouchers

  • In the end of the poll, we distribute the prizes and announce the results of the poll

Detailed information about the poll can be found on the page About contest, the competitors on the page How to win. You can also read complete rules.

Media partners of the poll are Sportbiz.czBadmintonweb.czSportovní-noviny.euOther partners are Webitech.czStudentPoint.czCentrum požárního sportuSnowboarders.czŠťastné ženySalóny krásyŽena v autě and

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