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How We Redesigned Profiles of Sports Venues and What Are the Results

In january, we redesigned profiles of sports venues at SportCentral. We would like to show you the results in this article.

New profile brings following improvements:

  1. Neater design, useless components were removed

  2. Better orientation in the profile content

  3. More possibilities for sports venue owners to appeal to SportCentral users

Why we modified the profiles?

The database of sports facilities was one of the first things we did at SportCentral. 75,000 people use this database every month to choose where to do sports. In 2013, the profiles of sports venues in the Czech Republic had almost 2 million visits. This is the reason why we wanted to improve this part of the website.

How the new profiles look like?

We made a demo profile to show you the new design. You can find it at

Results of the changes

  • Time spent on the sports venue profiles has risen by 16% - people are more interested in the profiles.

  • Number of users who go from the profile directly to the website of the sports venue has increased by 15.4% - this is important for sports venue owners - the profiles are more efficient in redirecting visitors to their websites.

  • Rate of leaving the page has increased by 5% - more people found what they wanted to know and stopped searching (this may not be entirely positive because we would like to show our visitors more features of SportCentral)

Before - After

See how the profiles looked like before and what design they have now.

New design

SportCentral redesign of sports venues profiles - new

Old design

SportCentral redesign of sports venues profiles - old


SportCentral redesign of sports venues profiles - comparison


How do you like the new profiles?

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