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How to Promote Your Sports Venue by PPC Advertising On-Line

Sports venues can be promoted in various ways on the Internet. It may be by own website, its optimization for search engines, e-mail marketing or profiles on social networks. This all is called on-line advertising.

However, this marketing guide for sports venue owners deals with the on-line advertising in the strict sense, i.e. the paid adverts on Google, Yahoo, Facebook or other websites.

This method of advertising is known as PPC. PPC (pay per click) is a a payment for each click and the most frequent way of payment. It can be text, picture or even videos and animated ads.

In this article, we use the term "on-line advertising" only for PPC. Other ways of promoting are dealt with in separate marketing guides.

What is the purpose of on-line advertising and why use it

Take interest in on-line advertising especially in these cases:

  • You want to raise awareness of your sports venue

  • You want to appeal to as many prospective customers as possible

  • You want to present your services, inform about your loyalty programs, etc.

  • You want to have more visitors of your website than your competitors

  • You want to pay only for each click on your advert

How does PPC advertising work

On-line advertising is about bringing people browsing the Internet to your website by using text links, pictures, videos or animated banners. The goal is not only to bring visitors to your web but also to provide them with information about your sports venue so as they would visit you personally and pay for your offered services.

Your new customer roughly behaves in the following manner – example for fitness:

  1. They want to do sports, slim down, etc.

  2. They decide to start exercising

  3. They choose to go to a fitness center

  4. They search on Google for fitness in their area

    • Enter for example "Fitness in New York"

  5. Google shows them the search results

    • Displays your advertisement

  6. They click on the links in the results

    • Click on your advertisement

  7. They compare and choose a particular fitness to visit

    • Visit your website

It is recommended to have this process in mind when you are creating your advertisement or selecting the suitable keywords.

Basic concepts

  • Advertisement – advertising text

  • CPC – cost per click

  • CPM – cost per mille – sometimes you can pay for number of views instead of clicks

  • View count – number of views of your advertisement

  • Click – click on your advertisement

  • CTR – click-through rate (formula: CTR = clicks / impressions * 100)

  • Google AdWords – system for administrating advertisements

Basic types of PPC advertising

Advertisements in search engines

We use search engines every day so we meet this type of advertisement daily. You for example enter "Fitness New York" to Google and apart from the normal results you also get so-called Ad links in the first positions, which is a typical form of this type of advertisements.

Fitness v Praze - reklama na Google Adwords


  • It is necessary to take a certain investment in the account, however, it is up to you how big it will be

  • You pay for the advertisement only in the case someone clicks on it

  • Pay attention to having suitable keywords for your advertisement. The advertisement will be shown only when entered words by a user and your keywords correspond.

  • Google AdWords etc.

Contextual advertising (target advertising based on the content)

The second way how to appeal to your possible customers is by placing advertisements on various websites, again by using Google AdWords. The contextual ads are shown on the webs which use this system too (you actually pay Google and owners of these webs for the advert). The system takes into consideration target groups, their interests and topics of particular websites. For example, your advertisement for fitness will be shown on the websites of sports subject, on ones about healthy lifestyle, on on-line shops of sports equipment or on various sports forums. This type of advertising can have either text or even graphic form.

Reklama v obsahové síti Sklik


  • The main asset of this type of advertising is targeting on people who should be interested in you the most.

  • The disadvantage is that it is not possible to target that well - if you have a fitness center in New York and your banner will be shown on websites for the whole USA, you needlessly pay for clicks or views of people in Texas.

  • Contextual advertising is useful rather for raising your brand awareness.

What to keep in mind before your start

  • Asses the quality of your website, there is no point in bringing people to a poorly-made web (if they do not find the necessary information there, they stop to care and the advertising was to no avail)

  • Consider whether you have used alternative forms of promotion (well-made website with a suitable and sufficient number of keywords, up-to-date profiles on social networks, registration to catalogs of firms and sports venues, etc.)

  • Check your competitors - if you know that your main competitor does good advertising and offers better services, you should figure out what to improve to be better before anything else.

  • Think over what you expect of advertising, in other words what you want to achieve by using it. Creation of your advertisement should be based upon this consideration.

How to create an advertisement using Google AdWords

  • At first, visit

  • Create an account

  • Create a campaign and an ad group

    • Set what maximum amount of money you want to spend per day

    • How much you are willing to pay for one click (it is possible to change it later)

    • Choose the target city

  • Choose key words

  • Make appropriate ad texts

  • Save, activate and you are done

What should ad text contain

  • When writing ad texts, keep in mind that you need to catch interest

  • Catch phrase of your ad is the most important. You should capture attention of your customers, motivate them to read the whole text and to learn more about you. This all is a matter of a few seconds. It might be also good to use a question, e.g., "Do you want to get back to a good shape? We have opened a new fitness center for you in New York."

  • Place other important information under the catch phrase. For example emphasize why should customers come to you, what makes you unique, better, etc. You can add a price list or various special offers.

  • Do not promise what you cannot keep. Think about what you personally do not like in advertising. Are you annoyed by empty promises of miraculous slimming agents or other things that everyone knows have never worked and never will? Then avoid this in your own ads.

  • Do not use vulgar language and excess of smileys or other symbols.

  • Text should be clear and attractive, your goal is to have people clicking on it

  • Contextual advertising requires an attractive picture or video.

Recommendation to finish – remarketing

Thanks to remarketing you can repeatedly approach those who visited your website earlier. These users will then see your ads on other websites (contextual advertising) they browse through and are a part of Google Ad Network. This includes not only big websites but also small webs and blogs.

A big advantage of remarketing is that people already know you (they visited your web) so you can tailor the ad content and ask for example: "Are you still making up your mind what fitness center to choose? We have a small present for you...". And your ad would link to a page offering a favorable season ticket.

Settings of remarketing is a bit more complicated. If you are interested and need help, contact us.

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