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How to Be Successful on Social Networks – Sports Venue Complete Guide to (Not Only) Facebook

Everyone has probably already heard about social networks. Yes, it means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Do you think that it is rather a business of young people longing for meeting new friends and eager to share their photos with the others? Not at all, these social networks can become a very useful tool for promoting your sports venue. Whoever has not started to use this way of promotion yet should really do so. Who already has and has been successful, congratulations. This article might hopefully persuade you about the merits of the social network promotion and provide you with a set of helpful tips on how to promote yourself properly.

What is a social network and what it serves for?

A social network is an on-line service that enables you to register and create your profile. By doing this, you will get the possibility to communicate with other users, share photos, information, etc.

The most popular social networks (general):

Specialized social networks:

To start off, we recommend to use only Facebook from the general networks. Less is sometimes more, several unfinished and badly maintained profiles would not be helpful at all. In addition, most of your customers will expect you to have only the Facebook profile and will not search for you anywhere else.

From the specialized social networks, the most worthwhile will be YouTube for you if you have interesting videos from your sports venue. It is good to post these videos on your website too.

Last but not least, there is a social network focused solely on sport. SportCentral offers services for sports venues that make it easy for you to present yourself exactly to your target group, which will on top of that be actively looking for you there.

Reasons why start using social networks

  1. Opportunity for easy communication with your current customers and a way how to appeal to new ones

  2. Possibility to increase image of your company

  3. Space to inform your visitors about new offered services and discounts or about changes in schedule, price lists, etc.

  4. Feedback from your followers

  5. One of the methods of efficient advertising and promotion, which has become a standard and people expect it

  6. Low financial expenses (social network profiles are usually for free), but sometimes higher time-consumption. It is important to have the right content and find an engaging way how to convey it to your readers.

How to create and adjust your Facebook page

Go to and if you already have an account (for example a personal one), click on the icon in the upper right corner and select "Create Page".

Vytvorení stránky na Facebooku

Continue by choosing "Local Business or Place" and selecting either "Local Business" again, "Sports Venue" or "Sports/Recreation/Activities". These categories only slightly differ in what you can set and modify on the page and all of them will probably be suitable for you. If you are still unsure, we recommend "Local Business" because then you can also specify the Public transportation.

See the differences here (options of an already created page) …

After creating your page carefully choose your profile and cover photo (it is good to place the logo of your sports venue there, customers will remember you better).

Complete the information about your sports venue:

  • Set your opening hours and address

  • Add the link to your website

  • Write a description of your sports venues, what you offer to customers

  • You can mention parking possibilities, access by public transportation or approximate prices

  • Do not forget to indicate your e-mail address and phone number

  • In the Edit Page section set the visibility of your page, manage who can post on your page and what visibility their posts will have

  • You can create a photo album or upload a promo video.

Your Facebook page can look this nice in the end – for example Pilsen TJ Lokomotiva (web) with the opening hours, address, website link, events, videos, photos.

Facebook stránka TJ Lokomotiva Plzen

How to get followers on Facebook

After you created and adjusted the page, it is necessary to raise user awareness. In other words, get as many active followers as possible. You can gain followers for example by:

  • Inviting people whose e-mail addresses you have on the behalf of your new page

  • If you have a personal profile on Facebook, you can use it to invite your friends to visit your page and give it "I like it"

  • You can also tell people about your Facebook page on your website, on advertising fliers or in e-mail newsletters for your subscribers

  • Offering rewards to your customers if they become your followers

  • Last but not least, you can use paid advertising on Facebook. There are several advertisement sets available, each of them targeted to different group of users (e.g., adverts for women will be different than for men). You will have possibility to check efficiency of your advertisements, i.e., how many people saw them and how many came to you thanks to them.

We would like to remind you that it is not useful just to get as many followers as possible. If they do not show any interest in your services, they will be of no benefit to you. In the case that they are not active on your page, Facebook will evaluate it as uninteresting and will show it less. The quality of your followers is important.

9 tips on what to post on your Facebook page

You have the page, you have the followers. What now? Begin to regularly add interesting posts.

  1. You can inform your followers about hot news in your business, tell them about competitions, openly support organizations promoting for example healthy lifestyle, etc.

  2. Inform about sports news, recommend interesting activities, motivate people to do sports and visit your sports venue.

  3. Social networks can also become a valuable source of information. Ask your customers what they will like you to improve, if they are satisfied with your services, etc.

  4. This way your customers can pose questions to you and you can answer them.

  5. Try to engage attention in the communication, be forthcoming, pleasant and avoid arrogance even in the case of discontent customers.

  6. You can also promote your products on social networks - food complements, sports equipment, etc.

  7. Try making instructional videos and share them. Or find something interesting on YouTube, even if it is not related to you directly, it is no problem.

  8. Photos work very well.

  9. Share links to interesting articles, to the news on your website or blog.

Your page should most importantly entertain your followers and motivate them to react. It is useful to include questions in your posts or invite your visitors to "Like this if...".

How to use the specialized sports social network - SportCentral

If you decide to register to SportCentral, firstly create your personal user account. Select Sign in / Register in the heading of the web. After you signed in, proceed to register a sports venue. The link to it is too in the heading.

Fill in your address, available sports activities at your sports venue, contact information such as e-mail address, website, etc. When you click on "Create profile of your sports venue" in the bottom right corner, you will get to another page where you can set your opening hours. And it is done.

You can add photos, write description, publish price list or enable buying single or season tickets for your customers in your sports venue profile. Create special offers or inform about interesting events taking place at your sports venue. Make it possible for your customers to use an easy on-line reservation system. You will be also able to keep track of number of people who will get to like your sports venue.

In turn, your followers will have the chance to rate your sports venue so you will get feedback and alternatively motivation for improving or maintaining the quality of your services. Your profile will also make it possible for you to actively communicate with the followers in discussions.

You might use the tips for Facebook also on SportCentral - to get more followers or efficiently work with them.

Here you can see how does TJ Lokomotiva Plzen SportCentralu profile look.

Stránka na SportCentralu TJ Lokomotiva Plzen


These days, having a profile on social networks is a must for any good businessman or marketeer, no matter whether you are a small fitness studio or a big sports center. However, it is important to work with them efficiently and focus on the substantial.

Do not waste your energy on 5 different social networks but choose those which are relevant for you. Build up a follower base, work with your customers and entertain them.

Do you want to have a well-made and maintained Facebook profile but you do not know what to post, what to write, how to communicate with your followers or you simply have not enough time for it? There are many companies that offer a help with this. However, their services are paid. On the other hand, they guarantee a well-done work and you will save your time.

At SportCentral, we also take care of several Facebook pages of our clients (see SportCentral Plus). If you need help, contact us and we will gladly give you advice.

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