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LessBounce sources the best sports bras in the world and supplies them direct to your home. At LessBounce they know how hard it is to find a range of sports bras to choose from and so compiled a selection of sports bras for all sports in all sizes. The focus is on simplicity, enabling you to…
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We are passionate cyclists, but also like a wide variety of other sports. Running, swimming, watching hockey and football. We would like to try playing golf but consider it to be too expensive. We do sports in average 3 times a week. Statistics were obtained from a survey organized by sports portal…
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Sports venues can be promoted in various ways on the Internet. It may be by own website, its optimization for search engines, e-mail marketing or profiles on social networks. This all is called on-line advertising. However, this marketing guide for sports venue owners deals with the on-line…
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Everyone has probably already heard about social networks. Yes, it means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Do you think that it is rather a business of young people longing for meeting new friends and eager to share their photos with the others? Not at all, these social networks can become a…
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Does your website help you get new customers or increase revenues? Have you done the SEO, do you pay for advertising and have a lot of visitors but do you still feel that you can gain more from your web? You are right. Our SportCentral team prepared a set of tools for you which you can integrate…
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What to do first when you want to begin optimizing your website? The answer is, carry out a little preliminary analysis. It will lay foundations to your successful work. And how to do it? Read about the basic points you should think about in the following paragraphs. Analysis of your current…
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Would you like to have a website monthly visited by many people, i.e., your current and your future customers? Who would not, right? However, it is necessary to do something for it. Basically you have 2 main options – on-line advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). There are also other…
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Nowadays, it is almost essential to have a high-quality, interesting and above all up-to-date website. Sometimes a customer may judge the quality of a sports venue only on the basis of the design of its web. And probably no businessman or woman wants to lose prospective customers only because of…
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Corporate websites primarily serve for promoting your sports venue and for offering products or services. Target group of these websites are all prospective customers, current customers, business partners, etc. It is therefore important to give attention to making of your website and care about…
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Promotion by e-mail is one of the most successful marketing techniques. Do you use it too? If not, try it - it makes communication easier and may help you get new customers. What is the aim of e-mail marketing E-mail marketing helps you: Get new customers Make your current customers come to your…
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In january, we redesigned profiles of sports venues at SportCentral. We would like to show you the results in this article. New profile brings following improvements: Neater design, useless components were removed Better orientation in the profile content More possibilities for sports venue…
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One of the recent SportCentral updates focused on improving understanding what the website contains and can do. It is currently rather extensive so we are trying to make things simpler, smarter and also faster. Here are 5 features which should help to achieve this goal. No revolution, but at least…
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SportCentral has recently started working with Roman Cech, the national team members trainer in various sports. Newly, we offer creating your own personal training plan - HERE. It will help you exercise in the right way to achieve your goals. Training plans from SportCentral help you: Improve…
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We have prepared something new for you during the first half of the summer... New system of sports venue ordering The first new feature will help you find the most lively sports venues. When you search for sports venue, the resulting list will be ordered by number of special offers, by on-line…
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We started SportCentral off a year ago aiming to create the most extended database of sports venues in the Czech Republic. We achieved this goal after several months of work and we also added useful features for both sports teams and players. Now, with 6,200 registered sports venues and a quarter…
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Two events organized by Czech ICT Alliance and Czech Investem took place in the USA in the first half of May. Their goal was to present selected Czech startups to investors, journalists and other visitors in the Silicon Valley and in Boston. SportCentral attended both events thanks to the first…
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  March 13th 2013 in Pilsen, Czech Republic The emerging Czech on-line startup, which obtained one million investment at the beginning of the year 2012, caught attention of the American investors by the end of February this year. The startup won the first place in Startup…
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  SportCentral was presented in front of 4 investors from Silicon Valley and we won the title "Best in the Czech Republic" in a prestigious event held by US Market Access Center and Czech ICT Alliance. After two-day training for 12 startups led by Alfredo Coppola (President & Executive…
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  Several last months, we have been working on new features of SportCentral, which we called as 'version 2' (enhanced catalog) and 'version 3' (teams). Both versions are composed of 108 function units and we spent several hundreds of hours of work on them. We are launching these features…
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  This week has brought new features on Some of them are fresh new, some are the old ones improved. Map search On homepage, you can search directly in the map. If you are visiting SportCentral for the first time, the website will ask you for sharing your location. If you…
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  During the regional and the senatorial elections 2012, carried out a quick sociological survey about sporting preferences of Czech politicians. We asked more than 400 Czech lawmakers from among deputies, senators and regional politicians, and we compared their…
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  The biggest Czech survey about sports took place on during Autumn and September. You can see its results in the nice infographics below. Would you guess that the first places were taken by ice hockey and football? You would guess almost right. The Top 3 was filled in by…
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  We have started the poll Sport of the Year 2012 for the general public and we hope we will get enough responses to generalize the results. To achieve this goal, we need a help from you all. This is why we offer to you prizes donated by our partners. The poll is being held on www…
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  Look forward to the start of the anticipated contest Sport of the Year 2012 on Monday! You can compete with your friends in the poll and at the same tame find out what sports other people do, which sport is the most popular in your neighborhood, which sporting activity is practiced the…
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  Simple geolocation for players. Discount vouchers for sports venues. Applying of the new version last week was under way in this spirit. Apart from that, we debugged our competition and other minor errors, but we will write about that later. What exactly are these new features?…
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  The poll Sport of the Year 2012 organized by starts July 30th. The aim of the poll is to support the public in an active lifestyle and to map sports habits of recreational athletes in the Czech Republic. The poll has following categories: The most popular sport The most…
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  Pilsen May 28th 2012 A new startup with an innovative approach to sports emerged on the Internet. The portal makes it easier to search for sports venues and locations, and offers latest information about them. The constantly growing database contains more than 2,000…
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