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5 New Features Making SportCentral Faster and Better

One of the recent SportCentral updates focused on improving understanding what the website contains and can do. It is currently rather extensive so we are trying to make things simpler, smarter and also faster. Here are 5 features which should help to achieve this goal. No revolution, but at least evolution. We will announce more in few days.

1. Home page

Do you feel like leaving a website which is loading too slowly? I do. And I must admit that SportCentral has never been among the fastest sites. Its home page, generally similar to a shop window, took until recently dreadful 12 seconds  to load. For this reason it underwent changes that led to the approximate loading time of 6 seconds, which means it is 2x faster now.

If we had a brick and mortar store, it would be like changing the shop window glass from a bulletproof non-transparent to a normal one. Ideal case would be the glassless shop window, maybe sometime in the future.

What was the most important thing to make the web faster? We removed the interactive map and moved it to a separate page, providing more place for searching.

The home page underwent big changes in its content too. Our goal was to explain better what SportCentral is.

See how the home page looks like now (opens in a separate tab).

SportCentral novinky 1 homepage

2. Interactive sports map

Newly on its own page. The advantage is that the map is much larger and therefore you can see better what is in your area.

Learn from the sports map where or with who to do sports (opens in a separate tab).

SportCentral novinky 2 mapa

3. Personalization or the web adapts to you

In cooperation with the Pilsen startup Persoo, we have started to adjust SportCentral to adapt to you. It is called personalization and you can think of it as of the situation that when you shop electronics on-line, you will not get a newsletter with a new offer of perfumes or Hello Kitty pajamas. Instead, you will get news about what you want to know.

How it works on SC?

  1. We learn, what you are interested in – what sport, your city, if you search for sports venues or have your own team, etc.

  2. We adjust the content to what may be interesting for you

    • Recently viewed teams, sports venues, events or users with regard to how many times you visited their profiles or how long ago it was

    • Tips or shortcuts to search new sports venues, teams, events and so on in the user menu

We keep adding new things such as "Users who viewed this sports section were also interested in...".

4. User menu

For those who use SportCentral regularly we prepared a feature which combines everything you need in one menu.

There are:

  • Settings and display of your profile

  • Friends – your followers and who you follow (for those who know Twitter – it is similar to 'follow')

  • Teams – list of the teams you are in, with quick links

  • Events – list of your events or the events of your teams

  • Sports venues – menu for owners of sports venues with links to their settings, business overviews, etc.

  • Services – links to the purchased services or discounts

  • Quick links to paid products (e.g., training plans), adding a new event or creating a team, link to the home page, information, etc.

You can check out the new user menu after signing in or registering (opens in a separate tab).
SportCentral novinky 3 uživatelské menu

5. New informational pages and pages of sales

Do you want to know what all can SportCentral do? We made the informational pages. The default page is About us, then you may be interested in:

SportCentral novinky 4 naše vize

In the section of paid services and products, we added the pages with information and order for training plans. One by one, we add the section for sports venues, where they will be able to purchase paid products. This option is available in the sports venue administration at the moment.

SportCentral novinky 5 tréninkové plány


P.S.: We are going to work during Christmas, look forward to it.

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