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Choose from the world’s best sports bras! Lots of choice!
LessBounce sources the best sports bras in the world and supplies them direct to your home. At LessBounce they know how hard it is to find a range of sports bras to choose from and so compiled a…
Sport of the Year 2014 Survey Results
We are passionate cyclists, but also like a wide variety of other sports. Running, swimming, watching hockey and football. We would like to try playing golf but consider it to be too expensive. We do…
How to Promote Your Sports Venue by PPC Advertising On-Line
Sports venues can be promoted in various ways on the Internet. It may be by own website, its optimization for search engines, e-mail marketing or profiles on social networks. This all is called on…
How to Be Successful on Social Networks – Sports Venue Complete Guide to (Not Only) Facebook
Everyone has probably already heard about social networks. Yes, it means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Do you think that it is rather a business of young people longing for meeting new…
6 Ways How to Enhance Sports Venue Website Using Widgets - On-line Shop, Sports Events, Communication with Customers, etc.
Does your website help you get new customers or increase revenues? Have you done the SEO, do you pay for advertising and have a lot of visitors but do you still feel that you can gain more from your…


How We Redesigned Profiles of Sports Venues and What Are the Results
In january, we redesigned profiles of sports venues at SportCentral. We would like to show you the results in this article. New profile brings following improvements: Neater design, useless…
NEW: Get Your Own Personal Training Plan
SportCentral has recently started working with Roman Cech, the national team members trainer in various sports. Newly, we offer creating your own personal training plan - HERE. It will help you…
We Are Preparing the Poll Sport of the Year 2012
  The poll Sport of the Year 2012 organized by starts July 30th. The aim of the poll is to support the public in an active lifestyle and to map sports habits of recreational…

Sport of the Year

Politicians and Sports - Cycling Most Popular, Do Sports Less Than Citizens, Most Active Parties
  During the regional and the senatorial elections 2012, carried out a quick sociological survey about sporting preferences of Czech politicians. We asked more than 400…
Results of Poll Sport of the Year 2012 - Exciting Duel Between Cycling and Football
  The biggest Czech survey about sports took place on during Autumn and September. You can see its results in the nice infographics below. Would you guess that the first…
Poll Sport of the Year 2012 Has Started!
  We have started the poll Sport of the Year 2012 for the general public and we hope we will get enough responses to generalize the results. To achieve this goal, we need a help from you all.…

New Features

5 New Features Making SportCentral Faster and Better
One of the recent SportCentral updates focused on improving understanding what the website contains and can do. It is currently rather extensive so we are trying to make things simpler, smarter and…
New Features - Trainers, Sports Venue Ratings, Lively Places, Better Team Management
We have prepared something new for you during the first half of the summer... New system of sports venue ordering The first new feature will help you find the most lively sports venues. When you…
We Are Launching Ticket and Discount Sales for Sports Venues
We started SportCentral off a year ago aiming to create the most extended database of sports venues in the Czech Republic. We achieved this goal after several months of work and we also added useful…


9 Areas to Think About BEFORE Doing SEO of a Sports Venue Website and 4 Subsequent Steps
What to do first when you want to begin optimizing your website? The answer is, carry out a little preliminary analysis. It will lay foundations to your successful work. And how to do it? Read about…
How to Optimize a Website of Your Sports Venue for Search Engines (SEO) and Increase Popularity of Your Website by 100% - Comple
Would you like to have a website monthly visited by many people, i.e., your current and your future customers? Who would not, right? However, it is necessary to do something for it. Basically you…
What Should a Website of Your Sports Venue Contain And 3 Examples of Good Webs
Nowadays, it is almost essential to have a high-quality, interesting and above all up-to-date website. Sometimes a customer may judge the quality of a sports venue only on the basis of the design of…
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